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Tips for Treating Men’s Dry Skin

tips for treating men dry skin

Dry skin is a common headache for many men. Worse even is the fact that it can strike any part of the body. From the face, hands, penis et al. Its manifestation in form of itchiness, fine lines, and red spots makes it a dreadful condition. To better treat your dry skin, it’s prudent to understand its cause. Before we delve into the treatment methods, let's highlight some of the causes of dry skin. 

Causes of men’s dry skin


Dry skin is a hereditary condition that you can inherit from your parents. So, you shouldn’t worry yourself so much that you may be the cause for it. It may be your parents have or had flaky dry skin.


Eczema is an inflammatory skin condition. Though not common in adults, it can still catch up with men at any age. Its onset is characterized by dry patches on the face and the back of the neck.

Extreme weather

If you experience seasonal dry skin, extreme weather could be the cause. For example, during winter when the temperatures are too low, the body loses its moisture. Failure to wear the appropriate winter gear can accelerate the loss of epidermal water. 

Extreme exposure to the sun can also cause adverse skin effects. For example, it can lead to an actinic keratosis-an early form of skin cancer. And skin dryness is one of its common symptoms. 

Poor diet

Lack of fluid-bearing foods can lead to dry skin. Taking dehydrating drinks like caffeine and alcohol will further drain your body of water. 

Skincare products

If you have sensitive skin, using certain skincare products can irritate you. Also, some harsh products like soap can strip your body of its oil without replacing it. 


As age catches up with you, the body’s capability to produce crucial oil drops. The skin becomes wrinkled, flaky, and dry. 

After identifying the exact cause of your dry skin, there are several skincare routines you can try. Definitely, there is never chronic dry skin unless it’s an underlying medical condition. So, below are top tips for men to alleviate this problem. 

Top 10 remedies for men’s dry skin 

There are different ways you can treat your dry skin as a man. Some of them require medical experts while you can try others at the comfort of your home.


1. Skin Moisturizers 

Applying quality moisturizers is the first step to combat dry skin. Underline quality moisturizers. That tells that not all of them will give you the results you want. 

Moisturizers contain ingredients necessary for healthy skin development. These components attract moisture, seal it to bring a glowing and smooth effect. Depending on how dry your skin is, you can go for the thickest and greasier products. These bring the best results. Check out our skin repair moisturiser

2. Use anti-aging creams

Sometimes, dry skin is a result of old age. If that is the case, using anti-aging creams can bring a world of difference. They revitalize the body to produce more collagen and elastin. Therefore, the skin will regain its ability to repair and glow. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. 

3. Spending less time in the shower

Scrubbing your body for too long contributes to removing important oils from the skin. Even though we don’t propose wearing a stopwatch in the shower, you should ensure you spend the shortest amount of time. And as you do that, remember to shower with warm water. Hot water can easily worsen the situation. 

4. Avoid allergens 

If you are allergic to certain foods and products, avoid them. You may notice that certain soaps dry your skin too much when used or trigger eczema. The best thing is to avoid them altogether. 

5. Pull the wool

You may underestimate the role of your clothing in your fight on dry skin. But your attire’s fabric can greatly affect your skin reaction. This is particularly common for people with sensitive skin. Wool is the most notorious. So, if you experience itchiness when you wear woolen cloth, you may have to get rid of them.

6. Avoid scrubbing too hard

Exfoliation is one of the best men’s skincare regimens. However, excessive reliance on it can lead to a dry skin problem. Well, you don’t have to stop exfoliating your skin at once. We advise going slow on it. If you exfoliate for 10 minutes, reduce it to 5.

7. Face training 

Working out isn’t only good for your bodybuilding. Controlled workouts can play a big role in returning your once handsome face. Although, you should be careful not to overdo it. 

During and after training, you should also follow our recommended skincare routines for workout.

8. Controlled diet 

Your dry skin may be a result of poor diet. To correct that, try to focus more on fluid bearing foods such as fruits and veggies. Additionally, avoid dehydrating drinks like alcohol and caffeine. 

9. Try home remedies 

There are many medically recommended home remedies for dry skin. Before seeking assistance from a medical expert, you can try these. These include applying products such as honey, coconut oil and drinking milk.

10. Treatment 

If your skin is still dry even after trying everything, you should consider consulting a dermatologist. It may mean that you have another problem that requires advanced therapy like psoriasis. In such a case, you receive a prescription of topical steroids, UV therapy etc. Basically, a medication to prohibit the growth of immune destabilizers. 


If you are here, that can only mean one thing; you or someone you know are fighting dry skin problem. No matter how severe it may appear, don’t freak. You can still get that handsome face back. There are several home remedies people can use before opting for medical treatment. Although, if you don’t see results after managing the condition for a while, it's only prudent to seek medical assistance. Check out our shop for awesome dry-skin fighting products.