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The Best Nighttime Skin Care Routine for Men

 nighttime skincare routine

The general assumption is night time is for sleeping and relaxing, which your skin needs. However, nothing can be further from the truth. Your skin is most active during the night, trying to repair itself, shed off, and grow new cells. It’s actually the best time to rejuvenate your skin. Ask anyone who sleeps overnight without attending to their face. They wake up with dull and lackluster skin. Therefore, as you shop for other skincare products, remember to factor in the night’s.

Benefits of Nighttime skincare routine 

A nighttime skincare routine aims at helping your skin repair itself. Remember during the day, you expose your skin to all forms of pollutants. These include harmful UV rays, dirt and grime. When resting at night, that is the right time for the skin to rejuvenate and create new cells. So, subjecting it to a proper skincare routine enhances the results. 

Nighttime skincare routine


Exfoliation should be the first step when dressing your skin before sleep.  Exfoliating removes the dead cells and any pollutants stuck on the skin. Exfoliation also penetrates deep into the skin removing any impurities buried deep inside the skin. These impurities can lead to cystic spots and blackheads. 

You can either use chemical exfoliators or scrubs. The choice between the two depends on the type of your skin. For people with sensitive skins, chemical exfoliators are the best as you can avoid irritation which can be triggered by the scrubs. To use chemical exfoliation, apply and massage your skin when showering. After that, leave the skin to absorb for like 30 seconds before washing it off.

If you use a scrub, massage the specific areas for at least 30 seconds. The good thing is that you don’t have to exfoliate every day. Two to Three times a week is enough while substituting with other techniques. For people with oily skin, exfoliating should be top of their prioritized nighttime skincare routines.


Cleansing helps to unclog the pores and evade skin breakouts. It’s one of the crucial skincare routines you should do every day. During the day, the skin comes into contact with all manner of environmental pollutants. These include dust particles, sun, bacteria among others. Also, the sebum produced by the skin builds on the surface causing blockage of skin pores.

After exfoliating, apply a cleanser to the skin. Then massage it for 30 seconds before washing it off.

Apply serum 

You may underestimate the use of serum as part of your skincare routine but don’t. Constant application of serum before moisturizing produces incredible results. That said, the serum should be used between cleansing and moisturizing. It is a great antiaging and anti-blemish product. You don’t need a thick layer of serum, just a light coverage. Actually, 1 to 3 drops are enough.

Use of moisturizers 

Moisturizers play a key role in the health of your skin. One of its major roles is hydrating the skin to regain the water lost during the day. Also, after scouring your skin when exfoliating and cleansing, it loses some moisture. Therefore, moisturizing helps rehydrate it. 

Secondly, moisturizers form a protective barrier to wade off harmful elements such as bacteria and dirt. Keeping off bacteria means your skin is free from infections.

The amount of moisturizer you should apply is not written on stone. It will be determined by your skin type and the season. People with oily skins should always use a small amount. This is because excessive amounts can trigger skin breakouts due to too much oil. While dry skins can use as much as needed until fully hydrated.

As seasons change, you should adjust the amount of moisturizer accordingly. During this time, the temperatures are low and the body produces less sebum.  You can apply more moisturizer to keep your body smooth throughout the day. 

What differentiates daytime skincare routine and nighttime

The main focus of the daytime skincare routine is to protect your skin. The daytime skincare kit comprises products that protect your skin from harmful elements such as UV rays and dirt. These include things like mild cleansers, moisturizer and sunscreen. 

On the other hand, the nighttime skincare kit constitutes skin healing products. After a long day of skin exposure, you want it to recover. And the night is the best hour because there is enough blood flow in the skin. So, the best products here are the cleansers and nourishing ones that trigger skin cells regeneration. 

What’s the best time to do nighttime skincare?

There’s arguments for just before bed, while others say it should be spread right from the moment you get home. However, men’s routine isn’t as complicated as women’s. Men don’t have makeup to remove. So, they can start their routine a few hours to bed. The main thing is ensuring that your skin gets enough time to absorb everything you apply. Therefore, leave a 10-20 minutes gap before going to bed.

Final recap 

If you care about your skin health, practising a skincare routine before bedtime is imperative. This is when you get the chance to undo the damage inflicted on your skin during the day. And this should not be a one-night event. Attending to your skin every night before retiring to bed guarantees you beautiful and glowing skin the following day. And as you practice your skincare routine, take cognizance of your skin type.