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Skincare Mistakes To Avoid

The skincare craze is currently at its peak. People are becoming more and more dedicated to keeping their skin healthy and that is a good thing. But then, even in spite of the current obsession with skincare, People still lack basic general knowledge on skincare routines.

There is a possibility that you are using your skincare products wrongly. These mistakes can be as a result of the fact that everyone seems to have an opinion on how to use skincare products even though they are not professionals.

These common skincare mistakes can have a lot of adverse effects on your skin. From mild irritations to severe complications that could warrant a trip to the dermatologist. So it is best to avoid these mistakes because bad care is no care at all.

These mistakes can also negatively affect the efficacy of your skincare products. This is due to the fact that you may be using them in the wrong way, they might not be very effective and it would affect the results that you get. 

We have come up with this article to tell you about these mistakes and how you can avoid them so that you can have healthy and beautiful skin.

Below are some of the most common skincare mistakes you should avoid

  • Washing your face with a bar soap

This is a very common skincare mistake that everyone makes without even realizing it. Of course, Bar soaps are cheaper and they seem to do the job of cleaning your body. So you might ask yourself, "Why don't I just use it on my face?". Well, this is a very bad skincare practice. You should stop doing that immediately and we will tell you the reason for this.

First of all, the skin on your face is more sensitive than the skin on the rest of your body. Bar soaps are therefore, harsher on your face than the rest of your body. When you wash your face with bar soap, it dries out the moisture and oils on your face much quicker and this can lead to a faster build-up of dead skin cells. Even when you exfoliate to clear up these dead skin cells, if you use bar soap to wash your face again it defeats the whole point of the exfoliation.

So for the sake of your skin’s health. Ditch the bar soap and opt for a more gentle and more hydrating face cleanser. Also make sure you clean your face twice to get the makeup, sunscreen and dirt residues off.

  • “Rubbing” products into your skin

According to dermatologists, you should not rub your skin, especially your face because it can sometimes cause irritations. Most people think that rubbing it in would help your skin absorb it better, but dermatologists have insisted that rubbing is unnecessary.

Instead, they recommend using gentle upward strokes for applying products to your skin. Your skin would then soak up the products just fine, and you don't have to irritate your skin in the process.

  • Rubbing all your makeup together while cleaning them off

If you wear makeup, then there is a great chance that you are guilty of this mistake. When you dab a little cleanser on a cotton pad and just wipe it over your face to remove the make-up. You are actually doing it wrong. 

Dermatologists urge you to separate your eyes while undergoing this makeup removal routine, and spend a little more time taking off your eye makeup. This is because eye make-up is harder to remove but the skin on the eye is much thinner. 

When rubbing off your eye makeup, you can use a softer cleansing method like a gentle makeup remover wash. You can also use a cotton pad, dab a little face cleanser on it and hold it over your eyes for some time to soften the makeup before you start cleaning. You can also use products that are specifically for eye makeup removal.

  • Your skincare routine may be in the wrong order

This is another very common skincare mistake that can reduce the efficacy of our skincare products. The correct routine should go from the product with the lightest consistency to the one with the thickest. Your skincare routine should look more like this:

Cleanser/Toner > Serum> Moisturizer> Sunscreen. 

Though you should not use serums during the day because some serums can increase sun sensitivity and you can skip sunscreen at night. 

Applying it this way will help your skin absorb better and also protect your skin.

  • Oily skin could sometimes be a result of a dehydrated skin

Of course, there is the natural oily skin type but we are referring to people with dry or combination skin types that sometimes suddenly become greasy. This is because your skin is dehydrated, therefore your body produces more oil to help your skin retain moisture.

You can correct this by using a hydrating face cleanser or hyaluronic acid serums or moisturizers, they help balance your skin.

  • Not Using Enough Sunscreen

We know everyone has been talking about the importance of sunscreen for ages, but most people still don’t use sunscreen and that is really bad. But our concern at this point are the people that think they have used enough sunscreen because their makeup products or skincare products have little SPF.

This set of people think that they can use these other products instead of a real sunscreen cream but they are wrong. Makeup products and other skincare products can water down the efficacy of sunscreen. This is why you should not be using them as substitutes for the real deal. Instead, think of the other products as a way to supplement your sunscreen.

  • Always popping pimples

This is a very bad skincare practice, squeezing pimples and blackheads allows dirt and bacteria to enter the skin, therefore, aggravating the situation. It can also cause permanent scars to appear on your face.

If you have pimples, try to treat them with acne-fighting products first. Products that contain salicylic acid should be effective for fight acne

Use a mild scrub or an acid-based toner to lightly exfoliate the blemish, and when it’s ready it'll go away on its own. Resist the urge so you don’t damage your skin.