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Healthy diet for healthy men’s skin 

Healthy diet for healthy men’s skin 

Research has shown a direct relationship between a man’s diet and his skin health. What you eat every day makes or breaks your skin. If you are the type to chow down everything that comes your way, it will definitely show on your skin. Unfortunately, men are very good at this. A slight keenness on your diet can go a long way in giving you that uncommon smooth touch. 

An unregulated diet can manifest in several ways on your skin. For instance, if your diet comprises more of processed foods full of fats and sugar, your skin will be a disaster. In most cases, you’ll be a host to acne, dry skin and perhaps bad odour. 

Similarly, if you make a healthy diet your friend, glowing skin becomes your best friend. In this article, we bring you a collection of foods that can help you boost your skin health. A healthy diet also leads to a healthy mind and body. Therefore, by adopting these foods in your kitchen, you’ll be promoting your entire body health. 

Can diet lead to any skin complications?

Yes! regardless of your skin type, certain foods can cause skin complications. For example, sugary and processed foods can lead to problems such as acne. According to several studies, a diet with a high glycemic index such as milk and ice cream can further worsen your acne. So, your diet can contribute negatively to your skin development. That’s why, as a man, you should be more conscious of what you take. 

The best diet for men’s healthy skin

Naturally, men are poor in maintaining skincare routines. Instead of struggling with artificial methods to keep your skin in good shape, you can go all-natural. Eat healthy foods that do not dump toxins in your body. Such foods include; 

1. Vegan

Veganism has evolved all the way from a fringe movement to mainstream diet culture. And that is for a reason. Doing away with animal products such as milk, eggs etc., can leave your skin with such a fine touch. Besides eliminating pimples, a vegan diet can help clear up your skin and prevent bloating. That leads to a shining skin complexion devoid of dark spots.

When picking your veggies, it's prudent to focus on ones that contribute to collagen production. Collagen is important as it helps to maintain your skin's structure. Proper selection of your vegan foods should also provide your skin with that supple look. Best foods for collagen production include;

  • Pumpkin
  • Broccoli
  • Carrots 
  • Tomatoes 
  • Kale 
  • Bell peppers

2. Sugar-free diets

Sugary foods dehydrate your skin. They also tend to break down collagen - a vital protein that gives shape to your skin. Also, according to a study carried out from a sample of 24,452 participants, sugary foods can lead to the development of acne in adults.

In all dimensions, sugar is a threat to skin development. Therefore, if you are looking for smooth healthy skin, you better start cutting off sugar from your diet. 

3. Seafood

Fish is one of the healthiest diets worthy of your skin. Talk of the good fats and collagen it provides to the body, all of which contribute to repairing your broken skin. It also prevents skin inflammation thus reduced acne. 

As people age, it is normal sometimes for the body to lose its ability to produce collagen. Thus, feeding it to your skin is important. The Omega-3 also available in fish is very important. Besides the skin, it promotes the development of other vital body organs. Fish such as shrimp, sardines and lobsters are the best.

Super foods for a healthy skin

1. Ginger

This is a strong anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory spice. These properties are very critical for the development of a healthy skin structure. Being an antioxidant, it cleanses your body of impurities that can affect your skin. 

The anti-inflammatory property is crucial for ensuring smooth skin. So, if you want a natural spice that boosts your handsome visage, you can add ginger to that list. 

2. Tomatoes

Salad fave is a good source of lycopene. This is a crucial anti-aging antioxidant also associated with heart development. However, some researchers suggest lycopene is better absorbed into the body when cooked. That said, go ahead and munch those comfy stews and soups. It will help boost that envious youthful look.

Additionally, tomatoes contain Vitamin C which protects the skin from sun damage. It's also necessary for a glowing skin look. 

3. Olive oil

Olive oil not only makes your skin smooth but also promotes a healthy heart. One of its notable benefits is reversing the effects of harmful UV rays from the skin. Therefore, including it in your diet occasionally guarantees you good returns. The monounsaturated fatty acids found in olive oil contribute to a healthy heart. Because it’s important that as you take care of your skin, to not forget the body engine - the heart.

4. Almonds

Vitamin E packed in almond is crucial for skin repair and glow. Once in a while, you can toss a few nuts to tap the essential ingredients contained in the almond nuts.

5. Berries

These fruits are a natural source of many vitamins and minerals. They also contain fibre and phytoestrogens which help to maintain hormone balance. Without them, skin breakouts would be a common problem. 

Foods to avoid

The same way there are foods to look for, there are foods to avoid for the good of your skin. Such foods cause skin complications or diminish the gains of the good foods on your skin. Examples of foods to avoid include;

  • White bread
  • Sugary foods 
  • Artificial spices 
  • Alcoholic drinks 
  • Energy drinks 


If you are ready to alter your diet as part of your routine skincare, you are making the right call. Although, before cutting out any food, consult a registered nutritionist. This will help you in drawing a proper meal plan according to your skin type for flawless results. 

If you have any underlying skin condition such as eczema, remember to mention it to your nutritionist. That ensures you don’t worsen the condition by the dietary change. For general skin care food, we’ve highlighted the best diets for healthy skin. In all these, remember to consider your skin type.