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Remedies for Men’s Bad Body Odor

bad body odour remedies

Picture this, you have been invited for a job interview at your dream firm. You step into the interview room and everyone frowns as you kiss your dream job goodbye just because you forgot your deodorant. Body odour, even the slightest scent, gives the first impression of your character. Yet not all men take the fight against bad body odour seriously.

But the fact that you are here means you care about your body smell. Well, everybody has a certain degree of body odour. But, when it becomes an impediment to a comfortable social life, it's worth taking a step to counter it. In most cases, bad body odour is a result of sweating. Sweat, in its normal nature, doesn’t smell. But when broken down by the body bacteria, it disintegrates into smelly compounds.

Causes of men’s bad body odour 

To better address this problem, it’s important to understand what exactly causes it. Below are the top causes of bad body odour in men.

1. Sweat

This is the leading cause of bad odour in men. The bad smell is associated with apocrine glands. These are responsible for producing high protein-rich sweat. Such sweat is easy for the bacteria to break. Most of the apocrine glands are found in constricted areas such as the groin and armpits. That explains why some parts have a stronger smell than others.

2. Growth and development

By the time most men hit puberty, their sweat glands are more active. Therefore, you may notice increased body smell. The hormonal changes also happening during maturity can be a major trigger for intense odour.

3. Stress

Stress and anxiety excite the apocrine glands we mentioned earlier on. That’s why you find some people sweating when they panic or stressed. 

4. Diet

Everything you pump into your body causes major alterations in your body system. Foods such as alcohol and onions leave their smell in the sweat. This includes foods such as garlic, red meat and other spices.

5. Medical condition

Bad smell on your body is a result of a temporary problem. Sometimes, it can be due to an underlying medical condition. People suffering from diabetes, liver and kidney problems tend to have very strong body odour. Therefore, its only prudent to seek a medical explanation if you think the above factors exacerbates your problem. 

Top remedies for men’s bad body odour

If you have been struggling with bad body odour, worry no more. We got an array of remedies for this problem. Luckily, most of them are DIY methods that you don’t need to pay anything. However, that doesn’t eliminate the need for medical attention. If things spiral out too much, you may need to see the doctor. Our list of recommended remedies and hacks to beat bad odour include;

1. Changing your hygiene routine

We've already established that bacteria are among the triggers of bad smell when they break down sweat. These bacteria live and feed on our dead skins. Therefore, to destroy their habitat, we need to get rid of the dead skin through constant showering. We can’t determine how many times you should take a shower. It’s all upon you to decide which schedule works best for you. You should showering at least once or twice daily.

You can also include shower gel in your bathroom artillery to ensure you eliminate all bacteria. If this doesn’t work, consider going for the next method.

2. Men’s Antiperspirant Deodorants

Since sweat is the major cause of bad odour, its reduction means reduced body odour. Men’s antiperspirant deodorants can help you achieve that. Because, well, prevention is better than cure. Although, as you choose your deodorants, it's important to be conscious of your skin type. This ensures that you don’t trigger other troubles like acne. 

3. Check your grooming 

According to studies, man-made fabrics, polyester and spandex garments are a bacteria haven. Experts advise going all natural in clothing if you have a body odour problem. So go for clothes made of wool, cotton and linen. Bacteria rarely thrive in them.

Good grooming should also entail shaving all your hairy parts like armpits and areas around your genitalia. Doing so destroys the bacteria’s breeding grounds which reduces body smell. 

4. Healthy diet and exercising 

If you are the type to consume all manner of junk food in the streets, you can change that. Most of these foods contain lots of toxins that you pump into your body. The only way for the body to eliminate them is through sweating. So, if you notice your body odour becoming intense, it's time to be mindful of what you take. You should avoid foods such as alcohol, broccoli and garlic.

Exercising also can help you reduce stress. Even though it leads to sweating, a proper workout is a good cure for bad body smell. By proper, we mean wearing the correct gear, skincare routines etc.

5. Homemade remedies

Vinegar has been used for generations as a cure for bacterial problems. Its acidic nature makes it suitable for killing bacteria. To fight your smelly body parts, splash a little vinegar and let it remain there for approximately 5 minutes. Then rinse it off. It will leave a fresh feeling all day long.

Lemon and Listerine also work in a similar manner. Applying them to smelling parts like armpits can greatly reduce smells. However, you should not use these methods on sensitive parts without medical advice. Desist the temptations of using these home remedies on your private parts.

When to see a doctor 

If you try all these body odour cure remedies without success, you should see a doctor to establish the cause. Some diseases and conditions are known to cause a change in body sweating. Diabetic people for instance have increased bad body smell. Additionally, those with liver and kidney complications will also experience distorted sweat patterns. That’s why it's prudent to seek medical assistance to establish the cause of your condition.


Lifestyle change is inevitable in most cases when struggling with bad body odour. In as much as body odour is inevitable, too much can be uncomfortable. The remedies discussed here will give you a headstart in fighting bad body odour.