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Sean From New York

Hi, my name is Sean and my daily is I get up in the morning at 4:30am to make sure I hit the gym in order to get in my weight training. Followed by a very intensive cardio session. Whether that is plyometrics or boxing. I make sure I get the hardest part of my day out of the way at 4:30am in the morning. And that is gym time. Once I get back from the gym, I make sure I have a shower, put on my moisturizer and make sure my hair is nice and tight. Put on my clothes and head to work. And I don't have my first meal until around 1pm and that's because I am doing fasting to help with weight loss, muscle gain and recovery. And during the day, I am working, I am at my desk doing podcasts. I have a few more meals during the day. These contain chicken breasts, broccoli etc to make sure I get all my nutrients. When I come home, I have another shower and to end my day with a shake. This is a shake that includes: spinach, kale, cucumber, banana and protein powder. I do this to make sure I get all my nutrients for the day. And around 9:30pm I get ready for bed. I read a book before I fall asleep. And then the next day, I get up and do it all over again.