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Alcohol Vs Men Skin Health: Things You Probably Don't Know

Unwinding with a chilled bottle of beer after a hectic day is completely normal. You could even snack or grab a bottle of red wine in celebration of a major milestone or just to relax after dinner. However, you must be careful with the level of alcohol you consume as it may have dire consequences on your skin's health.

Alcohol Impacts Your Skin In Several Ways

The human skin is the biggest organ in the body. Although many are aware that alcohol has drastic effects on several organs in their body, they are oblivious of the fact that alcohol also have drastic effects on their skin. The skin is a visible organ and is one of the first organs that vividly tells you that you need to cut down on your alcohol intake.

When it comes to alcohol and men's skin health, what are the things you need to look out for and the things you probably don't know? Let's take you through all you need to know about alcohol and men skin health below.

Choosing The Right Type Of Hydration Is Essential

The first thing you need to know is  that a healthy skin is well-hydrated skin. Having the right amount of water intake is not only vital for the skin’s ability to protect itself from UV radiation and other types toxic agents, it is also essential for making our skin look plump, flexible and replenished. According to serial researches, having adequately hydrated skin may slow aging processes, detox and wash out your skin, repel oiliness and impurities and improve your complexion.

However, the consumption of all liquid is not advisable as not all is good for your skin's health. For instance, coffee and other drinks that contain caffeine are diuretic. This means that they are dehydrating. Nevertheless, in comparison to alcohol, coffee is a better option. Alcohol has a dehydrating effects which is responsible for giving you a morning hangover. In addition, as alcohol pushes the liquids out of your body, your skin may experience harsher wrinkles, pigmentation, puffiness and eventually, your skin will become even more flakier and dryer.

The Effects Of Alcohol Sugar On The Skin

Alcohol notoriously dehydrates your skin and spikes its oiliness. But that's not all, alcoholic drinks are also infamous for their high sugar content. While we can't deny that their nutritional values are also something worthy to be considered and may affect the elasticity of your skin. However, it is the intake of high quantities of different sweeteners, that could be responsible for several negative outcomes for your skin. It should be noted that since this is sugar we drink (not eat), it is more difficult to keep track of the quantities consumed. Alright, you know it has plenty o effects on your skin, but what exactly are these effects?

  • Sugar damages skin collagen levels: Sugar fastens on to the collagen protein and results in glycation, which speeds up the skin's aging processes.
  • Increases allergies: Sugar also causes eczema outbreaks as it increases inflammation (which is also unhealthy for the  skin).
  • It leads to saggier skin: The link between the glycation and inflammation effects may result in saggier, wrinkled and pigmented skin.  

If you are suffering from one or a of these, it is advisable that you reduce your alcohol consumption. In addition, you should also consider changing your diet to a low-carb and low-sugar diet such as Atkins diet and Pegan diet.

Differences Between Blushing And Alcohol Flushed Skin

This side effect is slightly different from pigmentation, that may appear in uneven patches of varying sizes anywhere on your facial skin. However, flushing or redness appear mostly in your cheek and forehead area. This is by no means the same coloring that occurs when you’re nervous or after a good exercising session; this type of redness lingers.

Though it is true that certain populations suffer from this specific condition more than others, why should you take the risk? Flushing happens because alcohol contains ethanol which the body needs to metabolite. Whether specifically your body takes longer to process the ethanol or you’ve been binge drinking, this acetaldehyde accumulates in your body and results in red skin, but in later stages may cause nausea and tachycardia. We probably don’t need to tell you that those conditions are unpleasant.

But does it mean that you should never drink? Or that you can’t enjoy a good office party? Definitely not! There are some things you can do to first prevent or treat the effects of alcohol on your skin.

Prevention And Treatment Of Alcohol Effects On Your Skin

The first thing to do if you’ve decided to cut down on your alcohol intake is to choose your drink with caution. For instance drinks like Tequila and vodka have lower levels of sugar. Clearer alcohol are better for your skin. In this regard, red wine is a complete no-go area. It is one of the worst vasodilators, as it increases puffiness, redness, and other unwanted effects.

After consuming alcohol, It is a good idea to drink plenty of water, but also to hydrate the skin by rinsing it with cool water and drying it with gentle towel dabs. Also, make sure to wash your face with proper facial soap, to remove any lingering toxins. Once your skin is soothed and refreshed it’s time for some magic treatment.

Men frequently consume alcohol compared to women, hence, it's only fitting that the facial treatment they use to fight the effects of alcohol would be suitable for their particular skin. The formula of Particle face cream for men was developed by biochemists, taking into consideration men’s unique features. It alleviates puffiness, reduces any kind of lines or skin blemishes, rejuvenates the skin, and most importantly – gives your skin the moisture and hydration it lost as you were drinking.


It isn't a necessity to stay away from alcohol. Although there are plenty of effects alcohol has on men's skin, there are also many things which can be done to prevent and treat these effects so you can continue enjoying your alcohol.

What you need to do is to ensure your alcohol consumption is moderate and you have a great skincare routine in place.