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A Basic Men’s Skincare Routine That Actually Works

Smart skincare doesn’t need to be complicated, and this two-step skincare routine from The Daily proves that. It only takes a few products for men to have clear and healthy skin. No fuss! 

Here is a look at the two-step regimen for morning to midday and midnight.

Cleanse your face. For morning and night, you’ll need a cleanser. When you wake up in the morning, you’ve got to get in the habit of washing your face right away. Just think about it - you’ve been sleeping on your pillows which are likely  soaking up sweat and oils night after night. This means it harbors a lot of bacteria and transfers to your face. Yuck.

Coming to the rescue, try The Daily’s lightweight Clean Face cleanser. This deep cleansing gel purifies and protects your skin every day. Great for all skin types, this all-natural foaming gel deep cleanses your skin and gives you a boost of antioxidants

As a bookend to the day, you should also wash your face before going to bed. This makes sure that you’re washing away any grime, sweat or dirt that could be accumulated from the day. No need to buy separate facial cleaners - The Daily’s Clean Face will do. 

Moisturize your skin. Your second step? A simple moisturizer in the morning and at night. This is more than just about hydrating your skin, it’s about creating a defense and protecting your skin from environmental toxins and pollution that can age your appearance or damage your skin cells. Aside from creating a barrier, moisturizers also prevent excess water loss from beneath the skin - sealing in the good stuff and locking out the bad stuff! When shopping for a moisturizer, you want something that has nourishing ingredients and vitamins. Our Skin Repair is a brilliant lightweight moisturizer that is ideal for all skin types. The formula is made with papaya, pineapple and white willow bark which are great for targeting moisture-loss and pollution damage.