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What Mecca - Sydney's New Megastore - Says about Men's Skincare

Let’s face it. The bar is pretty low for men’s skincare. The innovation that was happening in women’s skincare and grooming hadn’t made its way to the other side of the aisle for men.

For so long, the fact is that the wellness industry failed to grasp the attention of the modern man. Instead, the idea of hyper masculinity plagued the wellness industry. The silver lining is that  as of the past  few years, this concept is becoming more and more outdated and irrelevant, thanks to skincare startups like The Daily that normalize men’s skincare. 

And now, enter Mecca: a flagship store in Sydney that opened in November and is heralded as “a beauty wonderland come to life.” As one of the largest and most immersive beauty stores in the world, Mecca has four levels of makeup, skincare, fragrance and treatments. 

This unrivaled destination for wellness, makeup and skincare also signals a change in men’s care that our team at The Daily has always  believed to be true: the modern man can’t be stereotyped with macho or alpha male advertising any longer. 

Mecca prioritizes men’s skincare just as it does women’s skincare. The featured brands redefine ‘modern masculinity’ through a range of mainstream products normalizing skin care routines and men’s wellness. Mecca also understands that the modern man places a premium on convenience with virtual shopping and daily workshops. In a similar vein, The Daily has a line of products that embraces the idea that skin is skin - with a range of facial cleansers, eye creams and moisturizers for everyone. Learn more about Mecca>