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The New Skincare And Beauty Spenders? Men.

Male grooming is now a multi-billion dollar industry. That’s right. Look in every man’s bathroom cabinet, and you’ll find facial cleaners, moisturizers, eye creams and more. A few years ago, that was not the case. You’d likely find cologne and a bar of soap. Maybe an aftershave, too.

Once considered underdogs of the grooming industry, men are now power users. They are more aware of their body image and hygiene. In fact, the global male grooming industry is projected to be worth AUD$ 42.29 billion by 2024 (Statista).

What’s driving this? Let’s look deeper at motivations:

Social media influence. So, swipe right.
In the age of social media and with the growth of selfie culture, it’s important to look good at all times. With less men being in relationships and dating apps on the rise, men are becoming more aware of self-grooming and personal appearance. In fact, research shows that men are dissatisfied with their personal appearance just like many women.

At The Daily, we believe a well-groomed man is likely to feel more confident.

Informed, eco-consciousness

Today’s consumer is armed with access to more information than before. On top of this, the organic and vegan skincare movement has driven conversations around environment-friendly, ethically-produced and cruelty-free skin-care products. This resonates with young men and working professionals, who tend to prefer buying products with purpose.

Products from brands like The Daily, promote cleaner, safer and natural products that men can enjoy through a simple, straightforward routine.

Ease of e-commerce
Goodbye frequent trips to the store! E-commerce and subscription services make it easy to always have the grooming products that you love all day, every day. Now, it’s easy to learn about and buy products on and off the shelf. The Daily offers a range of products online that ship straight to your door. This makes grooming less of an errand and more of an enjoyable ritual.