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The Future Of Grooming Is Gender-neutral

Forget everything advertisers and marketers have told you. There’s no reason skincare products or grooming products need to be labeled for “men” or for “women.” They want you to believe there are differences in products for men and women. In reality, there are none.  And, you’re too smart to fall for it.

In fact, these binary categories are outdated and unnecessary. At The Daily, we believe the future of grooming is gender-neutral and non-binary. We believe you shouldn’t have to choose skincare products based on your gender. Instead, you should buy products that meet your skincare goals and needs. Simple, right?

Most products for men are hyper-masculine - in their tone, packaging and advertising. Feminine products are hyper-feminine - in their tone, packaging and advertising. The Daily, on the hand, strives for gender-neutral products that are cruelty-free, vegan and organic. Just the good stuff.

 Binary grooming products are a thing of the past. They just add clutter to your bathroom cabinets and take more money out of your pockets. The future is gender-neutral and that means grooming products should be, too.

If you embrace the idea that skin is skin, you’ll be happy to know that The Daily has facial cleansers, eye creams and moisturizers for everyone.

After all, the truth is that men’s skin, just like women’s, can benefit from similar products, ingredients and philosophies.


So, goodbye traditional, gendered marketing.