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Skin – Workout Story. Should you exercise? 5 Reasons Why You Should

The thing is, the majority of us crave one thing, and that is instant beauty. 

We can even go to any length to ensure this, to the extent that we even spend millions on cosmetic treatments and in the process overlook the most beneficial one which is exercise.

If you're ever told that collagen, Botox and silicone implants, liposuction, etc are the best beauty weapons out there, then you are being lied to.

If you ask any qualified medical practitioner or health professionals for the easiest, safest, and most cost-effective way of burning your body calories, managing your weight and improving your inward and outward body glows. Then, your neighborhood gym is where they would recommend that you head to.

Daily exercise, according to health professionals, has overall revitalizing effects on an individual. 

When you exercise regularly, your blood circulation will improve drastically, and when this happens, your skin will glow brighter, necessary nutrients will circulate to your hair follicles, and your beauty will shine bright like a diamond. You also shed body fats and weigh when you exercise regularly.

Should you exercise?

You are probably looking at yourself, and then asking the question “I look healthy, why should I even bother to exercise?”

Well yes! Working out should always be a continuous habit. This is because whatever your age is or your gender, exercising your body regularly has its perks – many perks in fact. 

You should also note that exercising can be done in different ways. Of course, going to the gym is good, but there are instances where your place might be far from a gym facility, or you simply don’t have the time to visit one.

Therefore, you can simply put on your sports shoes and jog for some hours/minute, or even try to speed walk, this also counts as a physical activity.

And so…

What are the reasons why you should exercise?


As a female, you need regular exercises to improve the appearance of your breast. And the best exercise to achieve this is swimming. 

However, if you can not swim, talk to a fitness trainer, they will suggest a few other exercises that you can do that would serve as an alternative to swimming. 

Furthermore, as a female, when you exercise regularly, the chances of you developing breast cancer reduces by 33%!


Another reason why you have to exercise regularly is because any hormonal imbalance that may cause acne, or any form of skin irritations will be corrected. How? 

Normally when you exercise, you are obviously going to sweat. These sweats, as they come out, helps to clean out pores, dead skin cells, chemicals, oils, and other toxins that often lead to acne and skin irritations.


We can all agree that no one likes to suffer hair loss. And so, In order to prevent this from happening to you now or in the future, then you have to start working out ASAP!

When you exercise regularly, blood circulations to the scalp and hair follicles become more efficient, thereby making the hair grow and not fall off. 


It might also surprise you to know that exercising the body regularly will help improve your mental health. You will noticeably become sharper, you will feel more alive, and it will also boost your general mood.

 Some mental health professionals even say that daily exercises help to ease the effects of depression, anxiety, and ADHD.

Also, if you struggle to sleep well at night, try to exercise your body, and then watch how your sleep will improve.

Finally, in the long run, it can help you stave off health conditions such as diabetes, and any heart-related disease. 


Simply put, regular exercise helps to increase your fitness level. Also, by being fit, we mean that you will become more immune to infections such as common cold and flu, and increase your energy levels, etc

5 tricks to help you start working out and actually stick to it.

If you’ve only just started exercising, or you are already a pro athlete, there will definitely be days where you will need a little bit of extra motivation to get back to exercising. 

In this section are a few tips that will help keep you dedicated to working out.

  1. Find a workout routine that you enjoy and stick with it: Just because your friends are into one type of exercise doesn’t mean you have to engage yourself in the same exercise. Your friend could be lifting weights, you necessarily don’t have to do the same. All you have to do is talk to a fitness trainer, and they will recommend workouts that you would enjoy. Then when you get one, try as much as possible to stick with it.

  2. Put It on Your Calendar:  Just as you would with every other appointment, endeavor to put your workout schedules in your calendar. For example, you have to decide how many times in a week that you want to exercise. However, don’t forget to give yourself a slow and steady break-in period, you don’t want to run yourself to the ground all in the name of working out. Also, Set a realistic target for yourself.

  3. Try to work out in the morning: Needless to say, the best time to work out is in the morning. This is because if you choose to do it towards the  end of the day, you may be tired already. So, try to start your daily exercise 1 hour before heading off to your workplace or before other random things come up.

  4.  Have a ‘Plan B’ Workout routine: Assuming it’s raining heavily outside, you obviously can’t work out in the rain or even go to the gym, this is where your plan B workout routine comes into play. Indoor workouts are a great substitute for outdoor exercises. For example, squatting, etc.

  5. Play music to keep your energy level high: Research has shown that playing music while exercising helps to increase the duration of exercise without any increase in effort. This shouldn’t come as a surprise really as it’s already a known fact that music helps to boost mood and also encourages rhythmic movement. The same research also suggests that fast music is more effective than slow music.


The gym is home to varieties of workout equipment and they are all there for one thing – To help you get back in shape!

And if you are too busy to go to the gym, then you can simply bring the gym to your house, or better still, put on your sports shoes and work up a sweat!

So there you have it, contact your neighborhood gym instructor today to register for gym sessions.