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How to take care of your skin after workout

How to take care of your skin after workout

If you are a gym junkie, proper handling of your skin is a must lest your handsome face turns into a complete fiasco. But a skin care routine isn’t a one-day, week, or month’s endeavor. Maintaining health and impressive skin requires devotion and lifetime discipline. 

That’s why you should follow strict measures even when working out to protect your skin. During such exercises, many things can go wrong that can potentially harm your skin. Remember you are sweating, sharing equipment, and touching your face. Worse still, you can forget to disinfect your hands afterward.

However, that doesn’t mean working out is an enemy of healthy skin. All you need is a strict skincare routine before and after working out. Below, we suggest the best pre workout and post workout skin care routines recommended by dermatologists; 

Before the workout session 

Wash your face 

Washing your face before the start of every workout session has two benefits. One, it helps you remove any dirt or other skin products from your skin. The removal of these elements is crucial. If left on, they combine with your sweat to clog the skin pores which can be disastrous.

During workouts, your skin needs fresh and unconstrained breath. This can’t happen with clogged pores. Washing your face ensures that all the pores are free to dilate. 

Also, if you don’t wash your face, the residues can result in a devastating skin breakout. So, even after washing your face, you should avoid adding any extra stuff on your skin. 

After the workout session

So, now that you are done with your workout session and need to resume your schedule, here are crucial post work-out skin care routines you should always practice to keep your face in good shape.

1. Don't touch your face with your hands

We mentioned that the gym is a den of germs and bacteria. The fact that perhaps you are sharing apparatus with others alone should scare you to keep your hands off the face. Otherwise, you will transfer all that to your delicate skin which can translate to infection.

This also applies during the workout session. Until you have washed your hands thoroughly and disinfected them, avoid touching your face. After all, you don’t know the kind of bacteria you may have been exposed to on all the surfaces you came into contact with. If you have long hair, try to keep it off your face. Otherwise, you can spread hair products on your face.

2. Wash your face gently

After a workout, don’t be too aggressive with your skin. This is the number one mistake that most people make. Immediately after a workout session, your skin is very delicate. Using rough or sharp objects for exfoliation can lead to eczema or other conditions like acne. Therefore, dermatologists recommend the use of a gentle facial cleanser like The Daily Men's Cleanser. 

Additionally, you should also avoid acidic cleansers or those mixed with microbeads. The acid can easily irritate or tear your skin. Therefore, when choosing the cleansers, go for milky smooth cleansers. 

3. Bathe before leaving the gym

During workouts, the skin pores dilate to release sweat. Taking a preferably cold shower immediately after work out goes a long way to clean the pores. So, the dirty sweat and oils cannot percolate back to the pores and clog them.  

Whereas cold water is not a must, it helps to strengthen the skin pores and prevent inflammation. The healing effect of cold water cannot be underestimated especially on eliminating skin red spots. 

4. Moisturize

At this point, you need to understand that the sweat you just washed is water lost from your skin. Therefore, you have to replenish it to prevent breakouts or dry skin complications. Moisturizers are one of the top ways you can achieve this. Depending on the type of your skin, apply the best moisturizer after showering.

If you have dry skin, consider having a cream moisturizer. But if your skin is susceptible to breakout, you should avoid oily moisturizers. A light moisturizer is the best in this case because it ensures faster penetration and greater healing effects. 

5. Drink up

 The hydration process doesn’t end after moisturizing. Even after leaving the hall, you should continue drinking more water. This is the surest way to replace the lost water. So, if your workout session was in the morning, spend the better part of the day drinking as much water as possible. 

6. Have a smoothie

Having a well-prepared post work out smoothie is a great boost to your skin health. Therefore, when preparing your shake, you need to use proper ingredients such as collagen, vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid. All these are strong building blocks for healthy skin.


Despite work out being a good practice for your general body fitness, it can wreak havoc on your healthy skin. However, with proper pre and post-skin care routines, your skin can glow normally even when you hit the gym. If you follow all these tips, be sure to have beautiful glowing skin even with your gym stand.