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Best Barbers In Melbourne

Proper grooming does not only include your dressing and skincare, It also has a lot to do with your hair. A nice haircut creates confidence. The confidence that comes with a fresh cut, that confidence that gives your ego a boost.

When your grooming is complete, hair, skin, clothes and overall hygiene in check, almost everyone would have something pleasant to say about how amazing you look. 

That is what proper grooming can do to you, and Melbourne barbers can help you achieve this. Melbourne barbers enjoy grooming their clients, and also making them look like the hottest guys in town. It is amazing how easily your whole identity can be transformed with something as simple as a nice haircut.

So if you are in Melbourne and you need a smoking hot haircut that would bring a great confidence boost, you can check out the barbers that we have on this list.

So without further ado, we present you a list of some of the best barbers in Melbourne.

  • The Kings Domain

Rumour has it that even Cristiano Ronaldo has gotten a haircut from this saloon in the past! A barbing salon that is fit for kings indeed! This barbing salon treats its clients like royalty. The interior of this saloon is like walking into a vintage barbershop but with very modern highlights. 

They offer a wide array of services, from haircuts to hot towel shaves among others. The icing on the cake about all these is that these services come with a free complimentary drink! Talk about royal treatments. You can’t doubt their expertise. They even have an academy where next generation barbers are trained! They also have numerous branches around the world with two of these branches located in Melbourne. They are located at :

Address: 1/177 Toorak Rd, South Yarra VIC 3141.

2nd Address: 1/12 Collins St, Melbourne, VIC 3000

Working Hours: Mon-Fri (9am - 8pm),Sat (9am-5pm).


  • The Bearded Man Barbershop

Don’t be misled by the name of the shop, this grooming establishment caters to the needs of everyone interested in their service. This is not your regular barbing salon. This salon is known for its remarkable coffee and the onsite superstar DJ. This hipster barbershop sure knows how to give premium haircuts at an affordable price, the price for haircuts starts from $55. Address: 203 Chapel St, Prahan.

Working Hours:Mon - Fri (8:30am - 6:30pm), Sat (8am - 6pm)


  • Pickings & Parry Barbershop

This barbershop is home to some of the best barbers in Melbourne. Their level of expertise still remains unrivaled over the years. They are well-versed in the art and also highly seasoned experts. They also have a mens’ and womens’ wear section too, because they understand that total grooming isn't limited to hair cuts alone. You get to sip on free complimentary cold drinks while getting your luxury service. All you need to do is relax and allow them to transform you into royalty. The average cost for a haircut here is $50.

Address: Shop 3/166 Gertrude St, Fitzroy

Working Hours: Mon-Wed & Fri-Sat (10am - 6pm), Thurs (10am - 7pm), Sun (12pm - 5pm).


  • All The Kings Men Barbershop

Merely judging by the name of this barber shop, one would ordinarily think it's a saloon that only caters for the societal creme-de-la-creme only. While in fact, it is a very chilled and relaxed grooming establishment. This barbing salon boasts of outstanding barbers who are famously known for their expertise and charisma. Perhaps, this speaks to the reason why securing a seat at this saloon without a prior appointment or booking seems next to impossible, more like an herculean task. Regardless of this, they always try their best to attend to every customer effectively. Their very affordable price is part of the reasons people love this saloon so much. Hair cuts here start from $42. You can find them at:

Address: Lvl 2. 34block Place, Melbourne.

Working Hours: Mon (10am - 6pm), Tue & Wed (9am - 6pm), Thurs & Fri (9am - 7pm), Sat (9am - 4pm)


  • Uncle Rocco’s Barbershop

This barbershop oozes with years of indelible experience. The shop owner, Fabian Sfameni is a highly seasoned barber, with about  25 years of unequaled experience in the field. Therefore, you can be rest assured that you are in safe hands. This saloon also has a school where next generation barbers are trained. Their expertise is their unique selling point and they also sell a wide 

range of grooming products.

 Address: 220 Ingles Street, Port Melbourne.

Working Hours: Mon - Fri (7:30am - 4:30pm), Sat (7:30am - 3:30pm)


  • Captains Of Industry

This multi-faceted grooming establishment spearheaded by Sam Fordyce is the one-stop-shop for every of your grooming needs. This barbershop was established in 2005 and it has been progressing and expanding till date. Therefore they must surely be doing something right. This grooming establishment also has a bespoke shoemaker that creates amazing footwear for anyone who wishes to patronize them. You might also want to stick around for breakfast or lunch because they also make some of the tastiest dishes you've ever had!

Address: 2 Somerset Place, Melbourne.

Working Hours: Tues - Thurs (9am - 6pm), Fri (9am - 9pm) Sat - Sun (9am - 6pm), Sat - Sun (9am - 6pm).

  • The Melbourne Barber Shop

This is another barbershop that is renowned for its remarkably long standing experience and expertise. This grooming establishment was first opened in 1994, and has been flourishing ever since. The most intriguing feature of this store is the interior décor of the shop. It is decorated with different automobile paraphernalia. It’s a car lover’s haven. You can come in for a nice trim and enjoy the nice automobile decoration in a relaxed environment.

Address: 394 Russell Street, Melbourne.

Working Hours: Mon – Fri (7:30am – 6pm), Sat (7:30am – 12pm)


  • Men + Co

This grooming establishment is a quite outstanding one. Everything about this barbershop speaks of class and luxury. Men+Co offers a full range of grooming services including haircuts, skincare, and fashion. This shop caters to the grooming needs of the modern man. Their customer service is also top notch. The barbers here  are always willing to provide you with whatever grooming service you desire.

Address: 1/377 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne.

Working Hours: Moni (10am -5pm), Tues (9am – 6pm), Wed – Fri (9am – 7pm), Sat (9am – 3pm).


So, there you have it! 8 of the best barbershops in Melbourne, Australia. If you live in Melbourne or you are just visiting, be sure to check in for a good time!