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Best anti-aging skincare routine for men

Did you know that the skin is the largest organ in your body? But only 30% of men younger than 35 have a skincare routine. In fact, 33% of men admit they don’t wash their face on a daily basis. Hey? Yeah, you. When was the last time you actually exfoliated? You know time is catching up with you, and as you grow older, your skin will fight back for your negligence. So stick around. We will share with you the best anti-aging skincare routine for men. 


Establishing a solid daily proven skincare routine can help you fight all aging symptoms? Talk of the wrinkles, black spots, fine lines, dry and dull skin. As a man, these aging signs are impediments to your beauty and general appearance. 


Although, the routine isn’t an all rosy journey. It demands commitment and consistency. And before that, you may have to try several regiments to get your match. It may feel overwhelming and sometimes intimidating especially for starters but the satisfaction that comes with it is fulfilling.


Age is tougher on men’s skin than women. Naturally, men find it hard to concentrate on skincare and therapeutic practices. That’s why it’s easy to encounter men with dry skin than women. But, if you don’t want to be part of the statistics, this article is for you. It contains an invaluable anti-aging skincare routine for men. It will also walk you through some easy-to-follow anti-aging tips.


Type of skins

Before embarking on men’s skincare routine, you need some general knowledge about your skin. It is this knowledge that will help you to choose the right regiment combination. The following are the 5 types of skins and your skin will fall under one of these. They include;

  • Sensitive skin
  • Dry skin
  • Oily skin
  • Normal skin
  • Combination skin


Sensitive skin

This is a hyperactive skin that reacts to many environmental conditions. It is extremely vulnerable to various skin disorders. For that reason, it tends to be itchy, irritated and dry most of the time. Sensitive skin can be as a result of several factors. It can be due to damage on the skin layer because of certain skincare products or genetic factors.

So, how can you tell that you have a sensitive skin?

  • When it reacts to most skincare products
  • If it feels itchy and tight most of the time.
  • If your skin becomes extremely dry during winter seasons
  • If your skin turns red when you shower with hot water
  • If you notice flushes on your skin after eating spicy food


Dry skin

This is flaky, rough skin. It’s usually caused by deficiency of skin essentials like oil and water. In most cases, dry skins are due to a broken skin barrier. Also, climate change, skincare products and genes can be causal factors.

A dry skin will exhibit the following characteristics;

  • Semi visible pores
  • It is dull and rough
  • It is less elastic
  • Contains more visible lines
  • Red patches 


Oily skin

Oily skin has a greasy appearance due to sebum production. When the sebum production is above the required levels, it can lead to acne. People with oily skin tend to be glowy more than others. With a little temperature variation, the skin begins sweating profusely. 

Characteristics of oily skin include; 

  • More enlarged pores
  • Thick and shiny complexion 
  • Blemishes such as pimples and blackheads
  • Susceptibility to acne


Normal skin

A normal skin has no extremities; it is neither too oily or dry. It has a balanced sebum production. It doesn’t react to products easily and has less or no faults at all. Here are some characteristics of normal skin;

  • Has very few or no imperfections
  • Doesn’t experience severe sensitivity
  • Has a radiant complexion 
  • Has little to no visible pores



Combination skin

This is perhaps the most common type of skin. As its name suggests, combination skin is a combination of dry and oily skins. It is defined by alternating states; Some parts being dry with others oily. It therefore can be hard to care of, requiring different care in different parts. The general characteristics include;

  • More open pores than the normal ones
  • Contains blackheads
  • It is generally radiant 


Best antiaging skincare routine

Now that you know your skin type, it’s time to learn the best anti aging skincare routine. This regimen will help you rejuvenate your skin and restore it back to its glory. Follow it daily and see your skin reincarnated like gods of Olympus.



Exfoliation involves removal of dead cells from your skin. You remove the clutter of the dead skin on top. What follows is your complexion brightens up allowing better penetration of other skincare products. That’s why it’s the first step. To open up your skin.

As you age, the rate of dead skin cells increases making exfoliation necessary to ensure the skin remains radiant. Without it, the cluttering of the dead cells turns your face dull and increases chances of skin diseases.

Types of exfoliation

There are two methods of exfoliation;

Mechanical: To mechanically exfoliate your skin, you use specially designed tools like the Clarisonic brush. Alternatively, you can use simple materials like a washcloth. The target is to remove the dead skin cells. So anything that can scrub them off without hurting your skin is okay. Make sure you’re gentle.


Chemical: This method requires use of artificial products such as alpha hydroxyl acids. What these do is they chemically dissolve the dead cells.  The results can be noticed instantly or can take some time. If you decide to use chemical exfoliation, your choice and the number of times to exfoliate vary depending on your skin type.


As basic and simple as it might seem, washing your face can give you unbelievable results. But NOT with soap. Wash your face every night before sleeping. During the day, lots of particles settle on your skin. These include germs, pollutants, and dust. You need to clear this junk with fresh water. The use of detergents will remove natural oil from your skin. That’s why avoiding them is advised. You can use our specially designed facial cleaners in place of water. These will leave a soothing moisturizing effect on your skin.



After washing your face, you need to moisturise. When choosing your moisturisers, check if they contain the necessary vitamins. Some of the important vitamins for healthy skin are A, C and E. Also, check the presence of enzyme enhancing vitamins. Don't know where to start? Check out our Daily Men's Moisturiser


Wear sunscreen

Sunscreen is necessary for sunburn prevention. But it should be an all year round skincare product. Besides shielding the skin from the sun rays during summer helps prevent UV-rays from hitting the skin. And UV light is known to be a cause of skin cancer.


Watch your diet

Skin nourishment starts from within. There is no way you can gulp anything that comes your way and expect to have a healthy skin. That’s why you need to take charge of your diet. Control it and make sure you feed on a proper diet. Take only foodstuffs that will benefit your body. Well, of course, a beer here and there is okay. But you should avoid exposing your body to pollutants. If you notice any skin reactions, try taking natural antioxidants like fruits and vegetables.


Try serums

Serums are simply additives used for the betterment of skin. They’re used by people with already good skins who want to make them even better. Serums clear all skin blemishes like blackheads and patches. Depending on your skin type, serums can greatly help to keep your skin looking young.


Sure, you can’t be young forever. But you can look young for as long as you want, by taking care of skin with this best anti-aging skincare regimen. We have explored this antiaging skincare routine for men, identified various skin types, and given you some product recommendations. Therefore, it's upon you to decide on the best method to adopt to ensure your handsome face isn’t swept away. You can freeze time on your skin. No, not MIB style, but with this skincare routine. Try it.