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Awesome Beard Shaving Tips

Whether it's a mustache, stubble or a full beard, the truth is that beards do a lot for men. From the aesthetic itself, to their protection capability, beards can be a very versatile accessory for a man.

They can change your whole look depending on how you wear them, but as much as some men want to grow their beards, they should also learn how to keep them neat and healthy.

Your face is the most sensitive part of your body, with your jaw and neck area being the most sensitive parts of your face. Bad or non-existent shaving practices can cause a lot of skin-related problems that you don’t want to deal with. 

That's why we've designed this article to teach you some beard shaving tips that would help keep your beard healthy and slick.

Let’s get to it!


Beard shaping is the technique or act of grooming or trimming your beards in a way that makes it look neat. We all know that beards can grow wild and give us a shabby look when not properly taken care of. So as a man, beard shaping is an important part of your grooming regimen.

If you are new to the beard shaping world, then you might want to experiment with your beards to find the perfect cut for your face. This would entail letting your beards grow out so that you can pick a style that suits you. But as you grow out your beards, be sure to wash them and keep them clean during this period pending the time you start shaping them. 

Some of the benefits of beard shaping include:

  • It makes you look more attractive than you already look.

  • It accentuates your jawline.

  • It encourages your beard to grow fuller.

  • Beard shaping helps fight bacteria and other challenges that come with having a beard.

  • It protects your skin from the sun and other environmental hazards.

Beard shaping has numerous other benefits but these are just a few of them. There are many others but let's quickly look at face types and some of the best beard shaping styles for them.

This is to help you get through the experimentation stage faster and help you find your look.


There are many face shapes in the world that men have, but we will be looking at the 5 most common face shapes and the best beard styles for them. Be sure to look out for your face shape! Let's roll!

1. The Oval Shape 

Having an oval face means that you have cheekbones that are wider than your jaws. Having this face shape means that you can shape your beards however you want because any style you choose to do will suit your face. But you might want a short stubble with defined edges to accentuate your face better.

2. The Round Shape

This face shape means that your jawline is not as defined as other face shapes. With this face shape, the jawline rounds up and is similar to the hairline.

The best style to have for this face shape is one that is longer at the bottom and shorter at the sides to even out your face and make it look like you have a defined jawline. Triangular styles like the goatee are a fine choice for this face shape too.

3. The Square Shape

This means you have the Hollywood men face shape - amazing right?! This means that you have a very articulated jawline, so what you want to do is accentuate, not exaggerate like we said to do in other face shapes. An excellent choice would be the “Balbo beard”.

4. The Triangular Shape

Having this face shape means that you have a significant chin, and your jawline is more defined compared to your cheekbones. You want to choose a beard style that emphasizes your chin. A stubble with a mustache is ideal for this face shape because it emphasizes and draws attention to the upper part of your face.

5. The Diamond Shape

If you have this face shape, it means that your cheekbones are the widest part of your face, and your jawline and forehead are somewhat symmetrical too. You want to pick a shape that makes your cheekbones seem narrower while emphasizing your jawline. A goatee or a chin strap paired with a moustache will do just that for you.

Now let’s give you some beard shaving tips that would do wonders for your skin and beard.


1. Choose A  Style That Compliments Your Face

We have discussed the most common types of face shapes, but if you did not find your face shape here, you can do some extra research about styles that suit your face and cut/shave accordingly.

2. Always Shave In The Direction Of Hair Growth

It is important to shave in the direction that your hair is growing so that it does not trigger any irritations or ingrown hair. In addition, it allows for easier, smoother shaving, hence, resulting in less shaving injuries.

3. Ensure That You Wash Your Beard Daily

Keeping beards means a breeding ground for dust, sweat and bacteria. So you want to be sure to wash your beard when taking a shower to get rid of all the dirt, oil and sweat that could cause skin irritations.

Using a wash specially formulated for beards will help in nourishing your beards too. So you should invest in one.

4. Invest In Quality Beard Oil

Regardless of what length your beard is, you should always have good beard oil. This beard oil will help condition and moisturize your beard to prevent breakage and itching caused by dry skin. It would also help facilitate beard growth and fullness.

5. Eat Food That Promote Beard Health

Eating healthy food is very essential to growing and maintaining a healthy beard. Beard growth and shine requires proteins, healthy fats and vitamins. Be sure to load your body with these nutrients for optimum beard health.


You might not feel comfortable with shaving your beards yourself because you don’t think you would do a good job. This is not an issue.

You can visit a barber to do the cut for you while you do the maintenance aspect by yourself. But whichever style you choose, be sure to keep it clean and tidy.

Implement these tips and watch your beards grow beautifully!

Good luck beardman!