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5 Incredible Benefits of Skin Exfoliation for Men

 The Daily Summer Skin Care Routine

Your skin sheds every 30 days. Just because you don’t leave large patches of dead skin lying around like a snake does not mean you have the same skin you had as a toddler. We evolved from the largest reptiles (dinosaurs) after all. Your skin must renew itself constantly. When shedding occurs, your skin leaves behind dead cells. When you don't clear this dead skin, it dries up and flakes clogging the pores. That’s why you must exfoliate regularly with an exfoliating scrub to prevent this build up of dead skin cells.

Exfoliation helps to remove dead skin cells. You can do this using a mechanical or a chemical exfoliator. In fact, men need it more than women. Our skin is thicker and sheds more often. So here are some of the benefits of making exfoliation a part of your skincare routine? 

1. Smooth skin

Your skin is the most exposed part of your body. It’s what everyone sees. And as a man, it’s your duty to ensure your skin is smooth and attractive. And you can do that with a good facial scrub for men. When dead skin cells build up on your skin, they interfere with your skin complexion and you can develop dry, flaky, grimy skin. Solve this through regular exfoliation. This helps to clear out residual build-ups and develop an even skin tone. What's more? You have a clean, clog-free smooth skin. 

2. Prevent wrinkles

So you want to age like fine wine? But the wrinkles just won’t leave you alone. Why do you think that is? It’s because of dead skin cell build-up. This makes it weak and less flexible. After some time, it withers and wilts and that's when you develop wrinkle lines. You can prevent and get rid of wrinkles with exfoliating face scrubs. With a regular procedure, your skin brightens by day and thickens by night. Before you know it, your wrinkles will be gone with the wind. How? When you exfoliate, you develop new skin cells and your wrinkle lines soften and ebb away slowly leaving you looking and feeling like a god.

3. Improve skin absorption rates

Men have thicker skin than women. Combine that with clogged skin pores, dead, dry, and uneven skin and you have reduced skin absorption rates. As a result, any skin product you apply doesn't cut through. Moisturising becomes ineffective because of clogged pores. Multivitamins can’t pass through. So you’re basically doing zero work. You can improve your absorption rates through Skin exfoliation especially if you have oily skin. So when you apply your skin products, they penetrate deep and with ease to nourish your skin.

4. Prevent acne breakups

Acne is the most common skin condition in Australia affecting up to 85% of Australians. Your acne might be mild or severe depending on your skin type. It’s characterised by pimples caused by buildup of bacteria and dead skin cells on your skin. To prevent acne, you must clean your skin pores to prevent bacteria, oil, and dead skin cells from accumulating. And what better way to clean your skin and prevent acne breakups than with facial exfoliators for men?

5. Aids in shaving

If you desire a smooth shave or you just want to shave without worrying about razor burns or ingrown hairs, make exfoliation your friend. Think of exfoliation before shaving like 007’s Aston Martin cars. You get to your destination smoothly while getting rid of obstacles.  Exfoliation clears your skin pores and frees your skin from dead skin before shaving preventing bumps from developing. And these can make your shaving experience a nightmare. To have a smooth shave, face scrub before shaving. It raises your facial hair follicles, thus making the razor movements easy.


Skin exfoliation for men is an effortless way to establish soft skin and look youthful. However, people with sensitive skins  should test the type of exfoliator they want to use before adopting them. Pay attention to your skin and find out whether it works for you or not.